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Namecheap is one of biggest domain name registrar founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000. Currently they are managing over 7 million domain and have over 3 million customers from all over the world. They voted as a best domain name registrar company in a lifehacker pool in 2010 and 2012.

But beside domain registration, they also offers web hosting, email, ssl certificates, wordpress hosting etc.

The question is, does they are providing quality hosting, same as their domain service?

First lets take a look at their hosting prices. You can see that they are offering really competitive rates. I mean really cheap hosting, just $9.88 first year. But their renewal price is somewhat triple as compared to their first year price. Buy still it’s pretty affordable.

Namecheap is a good choice for your blog, especially if you are a learner or a student of web development or you have a small business. But  if you’re serious about your business then there are other web hosting providers you can choose from. 

If you have a plan to host 1 to 3 websites then namecheap value plan ($9.88/year) is the way to go. But if you want to host many websites then go for other web hosting providers that are providing unlimited domains and space. You can find top 10 web hosting sites here.


Namecheap pros and cons:


  • Cheap web hosting rates.
  • Many hosting options.
  • Great customer support.
  • Easy to use cpanel.
  • You can install wordpress


As i mentioned above that namecheap is one of the cheap web hosting provider. So if you’re on a budget then go for it. It’s less than a dollar per month with a 14 days money back guaranteed. In case if you are not happy with their services then you can ask for a refund.

Hosting options:

Namecheap is providing many type of hosting including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting. Most bloggers used shared hosting for their blogs. So if you are a blogger or a small business owner you can go for shared hosting plans. They have 4 types of shared hosting plans ranging from $9.88 to $19.88 per month. You can choose any plan depending on your needs.

They also offer dedicated and vps hosting. These type of hosting are often used by big websites to handle huge amount of traffic. If you need a hosting servers which can handle a big amount of traffic then go for these plans.

Reseller hosting is a great option if you have a web hosting company or you are a web developer. You can resell the hosting plans and make a lot of money.

Other services:

By using namecheap you can get domains, hosting, ssl certificate and email hosting under one roof. Managing different companies account for all these services is really difficult. So it makes work really easy if you have all the services at one place.

Customer support:

One of the best thing i like about namecheap is their customer support. They have a great customer support with a live chat feature. If have any question that you want to ask immediately then you can go for their live customer chat. You can also send then an email for any type of support, usually you will get the reply within 24 hours of time.

Easy cpanel: 

Their cpanel is easy to use and you can work on it without any technical skills. By using cpanel you can easily add new domains, emails, and upload files to your server.


Over 50% sites on the internet are using wordpress. Because making a website using wordpress is really easy. Any one can make a website using wordpress without any coding knowledge.

Having a wordpress in your cpanel is a must. Fortunately, you can easily install wordpress in namecheap hosting by using Softaculous Apps. It’s an easy process you can find a complete guide here: How To Install WordPress On Your Hosted Website.



  • Sometimes speed issue
  • Low disk space.

Performance and speed:

Namecheap is not a specialize web hosting company, so there are some drawback in their hosting. One of them is there speed and performance. I you have a plan to launch small website with not much traffic then you won’t get any issue. But if your website will get many users then you might face some downtime issue.

Low space: 

Namecheap is not offering unlimited bandwidth and space. So if your site have enormous amount of data or files then go for other hosting providers that i recommended you above.



Overall namecheap is a reliable hosting provider for small sites. They have inexpensive plans which are best for starters.


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