Top Most used blogger widgets you must have.


blogger-widgets1 is one of the most popular platform for content creators. Blogger is operated by the tech giant By using it you can create unlimited numbers of blogs very easily without any technical skills needed. And the best thing about it is that It’s 100% free.

Blogger pros

  • Free of cost.
  • Easy to use.
  • No technical skills needed.
  • Premade gadgets.
  • You can easily add custom gadgets.


  • Basic blogging features.
  • Google can Suspend your account anytime if you don’t follow their rules.

Best blogger widgets:

By adding widgets you can customize your blog as you like to. You can add many features to your blog by using gadgets. You may want to add recent post widget or display a facebook fan box, you can do that by using widgets.

Here in this post, we gather a list of top blogger widgets which will help you to engage the visitors of your blog. You can use these for your personal blog or your company blog.

We also show you the steps to add the widgets to your blog.

How to add widgets

First go to your blog dashboard and click on layout tab. After that click on Add a gadget.

how to add widget


Another box will open with different types of widget adding option.

Click on HTMl/JavaScript tab and paste the code of your favorite widget there.



Below is the list of custom gadgets which you can add to enhance the beauty of your blog.


1:- Recent post widget:


Recent post widget is the best way to engage your blog users and raise the good looks of your blog. By using this widget you can add the most recent post of you on the right sidebar, on the footer or anywhere you want. This widget is very colorful, so it will add extra beauty to your blog. The best thing about it that it will not only show post title but also display the thumbnail of each post. It also shows the date of all post. Above is a screenshot of this widget in action.

Show code


Copy and paste the code as i showed you above.


Recent comments widget



By adding this widget you can display all the latest comments on your blog. You can add this gadget in the sidebar of your blog. It will display the latest comments along with the post title. This widget is a great way to engage your blog users and let them participate in the debate on your website. On top it will show the most recent comments and the older ones at the bottom. This widget is designed using javascript and CSS.

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Facebook like box:



Facebook is one of the leading social media platform with over 2 billion active users and still growing. So nowadays  having a facebook page of your business or for your blog is a must. You are searching for a facebook like box for your blog, so i assume that you already have a facebook fan page, and that’s really great. Now it’s time to integrate that page with your blog. It’s an easy process, just you need to add a piece of code in your blog side bar. By using this widget you can capture your visitors and turn them into your facebook fans. Isn’t it great? Yes it’s. So follow me and add this useful gadget to your blog.

Get the code from the link below and add it by using the method as i described above.

Show code


Social sharing floating bar:



Social media floating bar is the best way to share you content on social media platforms including facebook, pinterest, twitter, google and many more. Your visitors can easily share any post of your blog to their favorite social media platform and as a result you will get more traffic and social signals which is good in terms of search engine optimization. Social signals is one of the most important ranking factors in google. Plus you will also get tons of visitors from social media platforms. These floating bars have a great design and  it will make your blog more elegant.

Show code


Email subscription box:



By using email subscription box you can collect your visitors email and make them loyal users of your blog. This is a very handy widget for your email marketing campaign. Email marketing is the backbone of internet marketing so it’s a must have widget for your blogger blog.

You can get the code by click the link below:

Show code


More widgets coming soon…

Stay tune with this blog. You will find a lot of unique widgets for your blog.

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